I am my history and much more than that

At Center for Compassion Couples Counseling PLLC, I offer affordable couple counseling, individual adult therapy and couple workshops. Using Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, I work with you to overcome seemingly unsolvable conflict, anger and hurt that causes disconnection in your relationship. Together, you and your partner will practice deep listening and communicate with caring connection to gain confidence in the love you have for each other and the relationship you desire. Using Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, I pay attention to the essential human need for connection, I emphasize the emotional experience as the driving force of how we organize our thoughts and behavior, and I encourage present moment awareness of emotion, sensations, thoughts, actions and interactions. Together, we will work to ease the effects of difficult transition, depression, anxiety, grief, shame and trauma.

Couple Counseling

Centering on compassion and unconditional regard, I help you and your partner discover ways you both get stuck in cycles of conflict; make sense of the impact you have on your partner and the impact your partner has on you; uncover how emotions and needs play into conflict; and create pathways to reconnect with the love you have for each to gain the compassionate connections you long for. Please contact me to learn more or make an appointment.

Couples Workshops

Beyond couples therapy, I offer Couples Workshops using Dr. Sue Johnson’s Hold Me Tight. We will discover the seven conversations for a lifetime of love, and how they can heal and strengthen your relationship. We explore how you become stuck in unhelpful cycles of disconnection, how to connect with each other to step out of your stuck cycle and nurture the loving relationship you long for. Please click on couples workshops for more information.

Individual Therapy

By facilitating awareness of the pathways of emotion, thought and behavior, and encouraging mindful connection with self and others, I counsel adults to help ease the pain of difficult transitions, depression, anxiety, grief and the effects of trauma. Please contact me to learn more or make an appointment.

My Fees

My fees include reduced rates with the goal of providing affordable therapy. I ask that you pay what you can comfortably afford within my fee range. For couples, my fee range is currently one hundred fifty ($150) to one hundred ($100) dollars for seventy-five minute sessions. For individual therapy, my fee scale is currently one hundred twenty ($120) to eighty ($80) dollars for sixty minute sessions. Please call me 48 hours in advance if you would like to cancel or re-schedule an appointment. If you do not call 48 hours in advance, I ask for a fifty ($50) dollar late cancellation fee.

Initial Visit Forms

To save time during our first session, please click on First Day Forms to access a the disclosure statement and questionnaire that you may print, complete and bring to your first session with me.



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